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Prophetic Activation


A Three Hour Activation Session by The Voice of the Lord International Ministries



Do you want to Sharpen Your Prophetic Gift?



Are you looking to walk in new levels of prophecy and increase your flow in prophetic, then prophetic surge and activation are for you



You will walk away from this two-hour training with a greater understanding of the hearing ears, the seeing eyes and the understanding heart, to God's voice with more clarity and confidence than ever before. We have trained and activated 1,000+ saints and leaders to use their spiritual gifts.


This session will focus on:


• Prophetic Accuracy

• Releasing a Now Word

• Unlock your prophetic gift

• Minister with Power and Authority when Prophesying

• Sharpening Your Prophetic gift



You will walk away from this training equipped with a greater understanding of the hearing ears, the seeing eyes and the understanding heart to God's voice with more clarity, confidence, and consistency than ever before.



This two-hour session is an explosive beginning to higher levels and a broader flow of the prophetic.



With the "manifest presence" of the Holy Spirit, you will step into a greater prophetic flow. This session will activate and enhance your spiritual gifts and position you to minister with power and authority.



~ Moving in the Gifts of The Holy Spirit Training Module ~


Are you tired of talking and reading about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and not experiencing them for yourself? The Voice of the Lord International ministries has

assembled this Training module to equip and train to touch the lives of others. This structured program of education is designed to assist believers to developed and enhance the way you operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit efficiently. This training gives you the leverage and high-impact tools to minister to everyone you meet with

integrity, passion, depth, and intelligence.


To each believer the administration of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit is given so that believers and unbelievers would benefit as the wisdom of God is released, and

demonstrated through the saints. You will receive hands on training, impartation and the tools needed to operate in

the Gifts of the Holy Spirit like never before. The rewards of this training module are long-term results and effectiveness.


You will be activated and gain a greater understanding how to operate in the gifts

of the spirit through the simplicity of the gospel of Jesus Christ.



The Vocal Gifts


Prophecy, Divers kinds of Tongues, and the Interpretation of Tongues.


Revelation Gift


Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, and discerning of Spirits.


Power Gifts


Faith, healing, and the Working of Miracles.



~ Manifesting Miracles Training Module ~



Manifesting Miracle Training Module is armed with a line-up packed with Practical teaching and ministry, loaded with insights and revelation knowledge and

with his leadership authority, anointed energy and passion, Samuel Rivers will teach you how to manifest Miracles. Prophet Rivers will encourage each one

attending, that everyone has the opportunity to live a remarkable life of healing, miracles, breakthroughs and faith for answered prayers. God’s Spirit works to

activate the Word that is within the believer – Prophet Rivers will help that Word come alive!


You will be taught that you can regain, increase and demonstrate a life of power in word and deed. You will learn how to increase your effectiveness and productivity in ministry.

You will be inspired and equipped to embrace the supernatural and move forward in life with unstoppable momentum.

You will be taught that a renewed mind, healthy self-esteem, and confidence in the Word of God are keys to Manifesting Miracles.


You will be reminded exactly what the Holy Spirit is here for - to shift our thinking and fuel our lives with positive attitude to carry out the greater works Jesus talked about.

You will receive techniques you can apply to increase your effectiveness in ministry, as well as, all areas of your life.

Build an incredible foundation for your ministry by attending this training module! This is ONLY for those desiring to achieve results!



* Learn how the Prophetic brings Breakthroughs

* A Course In Miracles

* Becoming A Student Of Miracles

* Releasing Healing Miracles Service

* Practical Teaching Guide For Overcoming Obstacles

* Impartation Into A Life Of Miracle And Breakthroughs



Spiritual Power is developed through Training, Teaching and Mentoring. This Training Module will help advance you in Apostolic and Prophetic Times.

Manifesting Miracles Training Module brings you the personal tools to develop and strengthen your skills in ministering the Gifts of the holy Spirit. Make an Impact on Society and Get Active with Your Gift!




~ The Prayer Academy ~



Our Prayer Academy will engage participants in a variety of exercises that will improve and enhance your effectiveness in prayer. The Prayer Academy will show

you step-by-step how to immediately build a strong lifestyle of prayer. For more than 15 years, Pastor Samuel Rivers has studied and taught the internal driving forces that create effective and successful prayer at all levels. He knows how to equip people and what it really takes to transform them from the inside out to pray from a realm of power and authority. Samuel brings this critical insight and organization in a way that is immediately relevant, applicable and measurable. He will teach you techniques you can apply to build an incredible foundation and to increase your effectiveness in prayer. The Voice of the Lord International Ministries, Inc. Prayer Academy presentations are the definitive method in helping people create breakthrough results in everything they do. You will be inspired and motivated to achieve greater levels of success in your prayer life with

extraordinary results.



The Prayer Academy is filled with easy-to-apply principles that will give you more than just a good motivational feeling. It will give you the tools to transform your prayer life forever.


• DISCOVER the true power of the Holy Spirit and the word, to tap into and use the power of prayer to create better outcomes in your life and ministry


• FOCUS on using proven techniques to zero in on prayers that bring results


• USE specific techniques in prayer to achieve God's desired outcomes


• MASTER the key disciplines of a highly successful prayer life


• QUICKLY let go of limiting negative beliefs and emotions that hinder your prayer life


• CONSISTENTLY stay in a positive and confident mood during prayer


• Break through the doubts, fears and anxieties that keep you from achieving great results through prayer Prophet Samuel Rivers, Jr. will help you understand how to use the strength of the word of God - the greatest weapon - and impact to generate the highest possible results in prayer.


• Determine and apply their highest impact through prayer


• Drop the time-wasting activities begging God to move in your life


• Only do the things that will excel you in prayer


The Prayer Academy will awaken every attendee into understanding the value of saying the right things to optimize your results in prayer. The level of success that you achieve in your prayer life is determined by what you say and by what you know. How is it that you can teach people what the word of God says, how to say it, what objections to address and even have them do it ... yet their lives never change?


Prophet Samuel Rivers, Jr. will share and show attendees how to pray prayers aligning every fiber of your being with the Word and character of God. He will

follow through to demonstrate that exactly how and what you say is imperative to

making more of an impact in prayer than ever before. This workshop will light a

fire within every believer and immediately give them the tools and confidence to

soar exponentially in prayer.



~ Emerging Leaders Academy ~


Emerging Leaders Academy - TBA

1st & 2nd Wednesday of Each Month @ 7:00 PM


Our Academy raises the standard of excellence in ministry. Students will receive the greatest benefit from their mentoring experience where questions are answered;

concepts are clarified, principles reviewed and gifts are exercised. Choose wisely and know that Emerging Leaders Apostolic-Prophetic Academy looks forward to being your partner on the journey to life-long success. Emerging Leaders Academy encompasses a great wealth of information designed to empower you with a sophisticated understanding, practical tactics, strategies and routines designed to create a proactive approach that will put you on the path to accumulate the knowledge, insight and essential principles needed to safeguard your life ministry and future.


This is your opportunity to make the educational decision of your lifetime and invest in your future. We provide an atmosphere of safety where you can learn to develop the flow of God in your life and ministry. We equip emerging Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, and Evangelists for effectiveness in ministry, in the marketplace and in society.

Emerging Leaders Apostolic-Prophetic Academy will provide excellence in education and the guidance, counseling and live mentor-ship to help you achieve your full potential.



~ Healing School ~


There are 3 critical elements to Healing: "Knowing what God’s word says concerning healing, knowing what to do, and doing what you know." The Healing School Program ensures that you will have all three! The objective of the course is for those committed to walking in divine health and ministering healing to others. Every student will increase their knowledge concerning living a life of healing miracles. The determining factor is how much you want to make a difference in the life of others. Building the extraordinary life of healing


Miracles require...


...a proven system and on-going faith. Healing School is one of the most effective coaching programs in existence and we are determined to help you get where you want to go! We have trained and equipped many people who have made huge leaps of faith in their lives, all because they took the time to be equipped to minister healing miracles and to follow through with the teachings set with this course. Healing School begins by...

...clarifying your intentions for the important elements in your life including: personal relationship with God, a healthy understanding of the word of God concerning healing miracles, personal and professional development. Prophet Rivers will give you the on-going support; accountability and acknowledgment that you need to help keep you on track and to gently guide you to succeed in all  areas of your life.



What is Healing School?


In Healing School, you will follow an outstanding curriculum designed to tackle every aspect in your life with unstoppable momentum and consistent one-on-one

support from Samuel Rivers, Jr. along the way! Depending on your type of commitment you will receive amazing results.


You will experience


* Fantastic teaching and Interactive learning events- participate in a live workshop and interact with other like-minded believers in your local area and abroad.


* With these educational resources and on-going support, you will learn what it takes to live a remarkable life of healing miracles and faith for answered prayers.


* You will become more effective with your time and learn the secret to kingdom living.


* You will also have the opportunity to work closely, one-to-one, with Prophet Rivers and dramatically increase your momentum, inspiration and drive to manifest miracles.

Let's collaborate and build an incredible foundation for healing, miracles and increase your effectiveness for moving in the gifts of the holy spirit.


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