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Hear the testimony of others about the prophetic ministry they've received from Samuel Rivers, Jr.


The Word of prophecy I received through the servant of God, is so accurate, straight from the heart of God. I have been asking God for a direction and confirmation of His leading in my life. I have absolute peace, and the prophecy is a confirmation of God's Word and leading in my life. My strength is renewed. Glory be to God.

M. Benson, Ireland


I received a prophecy from Prophet Samuel Rivers ... which brought confirmation and open doors in my ministries, businesses, and personal life. Some of the prophecies brought fourth said God was releasing properties to me. It is beginning to happen in ways that are unbelievable but yet miraculous. Prophet Samuel Rivers also stated that I would be a distributor to the world and that I am walking towards the destiny and purpose of God for my life; it is happening as we speak.

F. Monteque, Canada


The Word given through Prophet Rivers was so clear and on-point, only God could have orchestrated it!  It picked right up from where it left off months ago.  I thank the Lord that I now have clearer insight and vision to what He wants me to do. I'm grateful to this ministry for bringing order to my life at a time when I was truly unclear about what to do.  Not only do I have insight and clarity, but peace. Thank you, Prophet Rivers, for speaking God's heart to me.

S. Walker, FL


The past couple months, I've been thinking to switch my major from Criminal Justice to Business. I have always wanted to travel and go on cruises so when Prophet Rivers said he saw me on business cruises and touring global I was excited and amazed. Prophet Rivers said in three years I will be getting business offers, which make sense because that's around the time I will be graduating from college. Last week I was told not to give up, and this week I was told why. My prophetic Word was confirmation of my visions. Thank you, Jesus, for giving Prophet River's the Word for me.

T. Holder, IN


The prophecy I received touched me so much. I woke up that morning, and the devil was in my way. I was having the worst day I thought possible. I told my friend that I felt as if I was living someone else's life, and I was messing up. I felt as if I couldn't get anything right. When Prophet Samuel Rivers Jr. started, he told me that I felt as if I was throwing darts in every direction but never hitting the mark, he never could have known how right that statement was. He said that God was showing him I will hit the mark. This prophecy was exactly what I needed on a day when I was just about to give up when I thought all hope was gone. I see a little bit of light at the end of the tunnel now. I saw it before but thought it was a train headed for me. Now I know its sunshine, and I have to keep pushing through to get there. Thanks so much and God Bless. I know there are better days ahead.

A. Bishop, SC


I was truly blessed, because I felt as though I have been stuck in a place that has caused me not to have a desire that I once had to do the things of God. Thank you because I received direction concerning the things that I need to do.

L. Pipkins, GA


I thank God for the Word it was right on time, and it really blessed my soul.

T. London, PA


The prophetic Word was very detailed, accurate, and confirmation. It was speaking exactly what the LORD called me into, and just reiterating what the Holy Spirit had already spoken to me.

D. Stuart, IL


The prophetic Word was uplifting;  a blessing,  released revelation and confirmation. It was a now word; Pastor Rivers blessings upon you, Thank you.

C. Meyers, AZ


After receiving Prophetic ministry, I was amazed as to how it all fell in place. I know I have to let go of something and someone; I'm going to believe God and take what I have heard tonight.

T. Williams, NC


I am always amazed at how much comfort and insight I receive from your prophecies. The prophecy I received was right on target.  It directly spoke to the situation. It gave me hope and encouragement.  I truly feel that I heard from God when I receive a prophecy from Pastor Rivers.

M. Fitzpatrick, SC


Prophet Rivers was so accurate in the Word of the Lord that I received on today.  I received insight on a very sensitive issue that I have been pondering over.  The Word regarding this matter provided the counsel that I needed to continue.   I now can pursue without hesitation.  Please tell Prophet Rivers that we will intercede for him to continue this portion of his ministry as the Lord has instructed him.  I honor you, a man of God, and appreciate your ministry.

R. Jackson, VA


I called the prophetic ministry less than one hour ago. Before me, on my table, I had a notebook that I had written several specific points of interest for me. They were finance, future, and travel. The Prophet spoke to each of my interest areas, just as I had written them down no less. I am confident in the prophecy that the Lord allowed the Prophet Rivers and his son to administer unto me.

I am looking forward to the maturation of this Word that the Lord has planted anew in my heart.

C. Billings, NC


Thank you so much for taking the time to prepare yourself as a vessel unto God and to minister and build up the Body!!  The prophetic Word was so timely for me, and accurate in every way, very pertinent to my current concerns.

G. Daniels, CA


Thank you so much for using the gift that God has equipped you with to encourage the Body of Christ and me. I knew that God had spoken to you and your son, as you all knew all about me. Thanks, it was a powerful time for me.

J. Cloud, NC


Thank you, Voice of the Lord International Church, for the Tele-Prophetic Ministry. The Word of the Lord spoken for me empowered me in every aspect of my life. I received healing for my spirit, peace for my soul, and healing for my physical Body. Everything that was concerning my life was spoken to me by the Man of God.

Joyce, Ok


"The word of the lord" was so right on to current events in my life and what God has instructed me in these last five months. This is the 2nd time I have received a word from the Lord via Prophet Rivers.  I look forward to what God is going to do within my life AND my husband's!   God bless Prophet Rivers' ministry

Deborah, CA


Wow!  What can I say; God has used Prophet Rivers to give me strength

confidence to go forward with all that He has placed before me. I thank and praise God for The VOTL Ministries!

Karena, VA


I had been in an apostolic ministry for six years and believed that I was called to be an apostle. For the last year at my church, I tried to change and establish some things. This led to me being kicked out of my church and disowned by my pastor and the members. For the past year, I have been without a church. Sometimes I wondered if God was still

calling me to be an apostle, and what my future will be like. Prophet Rivers told me thatGod was calling me to be an apostle, and that he was going to do things with my intelligence and financial mindset. I must say, I am extremely impressed with how your ministry is conducting itself in this prophetic outreach. Truly amazing the emails, the MP3, the professional attitudes and courtesy, the "customer" service- very professional and top notch! You should be proud.

Justin, MI


Prophet Rivers has heard clearly from the God of heaven. Every point that he touched on are specific things that are occurring in my life, and things that I am working on, or waiting on. There are family members with whom I need to make amends, and the Prophet spoke directly of the people with whom I need to speak. Some of the future occurrences that were mentioned are actually on the horizon, so I know that God was speaking to things that he had already spoken with me about. If prophecy is indeed for the encouragement and edification of the Body, then it was made true for me today.

Chadwick, NC


The prophecy that was given to me really opened my eyes to know that God is really performing a Makeover in me. I have been praying and fasting for God to Make me over and do a new thing within me. The Word from the Lord was good and confirmed that I am on the right track as far as His will for my life.

Shaunte, GA


God has touched me in many ways; he has guided me with his Word. The prophetic Word has given me confirmation on what is to come in my life. It also gave me relief of some things that I used to worry about. Thank you be blessed with much love!

Dahlia, MI


I was really touched by what was spoken to me today. Prophet Rivers did, however, tell me what he said has never been spoken to me before, and that was true. I will now press in to find out what it is God wants me to do. I thank you and appreciate your time, commitment, and dedication to the Body of Christ.

Teresa, TN


I am very thankful for today's Word.  The Lord showed me today, that he is very much about his children.  I had a dream two weeks ago, that was very confusing to me.

Today, the Lord illuminated the Word by the Prophet; even to the detail of the time that I was to call and when I would get the Word. I even received corrections and instructions that the Lord spoke regarding areas in my life that the Lord is working out and on.

Irina, CA


At first, when I started to call for the tele-prophetic Word and Prophet Samuel Rivers began ministering to me by telephone, I did not believe the Word that he was giving to me from the Lord. Although the Word of the Lord was all good, I could not believe that Word was for me what he said, approximately 4 to 5 months ago- that God was going to shift and change everything. I must get ready for the change. He said that God wants to place me on the top. He warned me that I needed to start thinking like I was on top, not below. In December 09, God has turned everything around, and I am moving towards the top. I had to repent for doubting God and His Prophet.

Ellen, VA


I would like to first thank you for being such a wonderful blessing to the kingdom of God. Today was my first time ever calling the tele-ministry. I really needed to hear the

words released and ministered to me due to me needing direction and guidance in this hour. Prophet Rivers truly blessed me with hope, joy, and a peace of mind to

continue to go forth hard in the Lord. Knowing I'm on the right path to fulfilling his promise in my life was a blessing to hear.

LaYetta, GA


I received a personal prophetic word from Prophet Samuel Rivers. The words that I heard came directly from the Lord; this man does not know me or my life. It was exactly

what the Lord is doing in this season of my life. He confirmed everything that is going on right now and what I am in expectation of.

Susan, NC


Right now! The prophetic Word that was given to me by Prophet Samuel Rivers gave me a lot of direction for my life.

Jothanette, TX


It was just awesome to hear confirmation on some of the things that Prophet Rivers had ministered to me. I have been praying to God to do some of the things that Prophet

Rivers also ministered to me, and with this prophetic Word, I KNOW that I can continue to move forward.  If I was not sitting at my desk I would be crying out to God (however,

that's why I went to my "closet") Thank you Lord and Thank God for Prophet Samuel Rivers!

Tora, VA



It was awesome to hear the man of God prophecy to me. It was accurate about the entire thing. I pray blessings and favor upon your ministry.

M. Hendrix, NY


I believe this was a strong word of knowledge that I received, and that the Lord wanted me to know that He has me securely covered and watched over. This Word was definitely timely in the need of encouragement and direction I needed to hear.

I. Starodubzew, CA


Thank you Prophet Rivers for allowing God to use your gifts to help people in their continued walk for God, the Word given was on point I was feeling a little at a lost as to what to do next and the Word I received confirmed something that I need to do more of. So again I thank you for the gift of God that is within you.

G. Shelton, SC


Prophet Rivers, prophecy was so accurate.  It spoke directly to my SPIRIT. God is truly washing away the old in my life and creating a new platform. God has exalted me to a new level in HIM and has truly crowned my head with more wisdom. I thank GOD for Prophet Rivers and the RHEMA word that was spoken to me through this man of GOD. May the LORD forever bless you!

 L. Carr, AL


This prophetic Word has meant so much it has opened up my eyes to things I never thought possible and this Word has let me know that yes I went through some bad things, but that better thing are headed my way.

W. Rogers, SC


I was ministered to in a great way by Prophet Samuel; The Word of the Lord brought strength, and encouragement to my heart. I also received the Word concerning areas I need to be strengthened in. Only God could reveal these matters of my life. Thank God for this Anointed Ministry.

J. Edwards, Ok



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