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Leadership Summit for Prophets



An Advanced, Accelerated, and Authoritative Conference for Prophets



The Leadership Summit for prophets provides a venue for prophets to come together for a time of impartation, prayer, mentorship, worship, equipping and activation to strengthen our collective missions and create real and lasting impact. The sessions are unique, relevant, advance and accelerated learning for prophets. Prophets will be challenged to refocus, become a mouthpiece and an instrument for God.


Opening Session, A Prophetic Address

Friday, 9:30 am - 10:20 am

General Session: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm

Academic for prophets, Prophetic Laboratory, Activation, Question & Answer Session


Afternoon Session 2:30 pm – 6:30 pm

Academic for prophets, Prophetic Laboratory, Activation, Question & Answer Session

Saturday, 9:30 am – 1:00 pm

Prophets Round Table



Pre-registration is required

Walk-ins will not be accommodated

The Leadership Summits for Prophets


Together we will take the prophetic to a whole new level through mentorship where concepts are clarified, gifts are exercised, principles reviewed, questions are answered, and prophets are guided along, motivated and kept accountable.  Whether you're a seasoned prophet, an emerging prophet, or a prophet that has never prophesied we look forward to being your partner on the journey to lifelong success.


The Leadership Summits for Prophets was formed to help Prophets build an active and effective ministry.  We provide Prophets not only excellence in education but also guidance, counseling and mentoring to help Prophets achieve their full potential with comprehensive training specifically designed to take Prophets to the next level with accuracy and integrity.  We affirm and provide leadership cover for prophets, ordination, consistent training opportunities loaded with insight, support and the acknowledgment needed to help keep prophets on track with unstoppable momentum.

Prophets will be encompassed with a great wealth of information designed to empower, equip and activate them with a more in-depth understanding of biblical truths and prophets, which launches them into greater faith, power, miracles, healings, and breakthroughs.  We will help prophets build a portfolio that will impress any church leader, those in politics, business, education, entertainment, arts, media and the family with the knowledge needed to overcome and prosper in this world's environment with life-changing results. The Leadership Summit for Prophets will give prophets a complete foundation of practical and essential principles to maximize effectiveness in ministry and society.  Prophets will gain a comprehensive understanding of the role of The Prophet and the prophetic in the church and in society to increase their ministry potential and minimize and lower pitfalls in ministry and the prophetic. Prophets will learn how directional prophecies work as well as a prophecy that deals with gifts and callings, prophetic prayers and decrees, how to prophesy in the worst of times and still create leverage and effectiveness in society, etc.  Prophets will learn how to shield themselves from problems and turn those problems into solutions, how to identify weaknesses and overcome them, and how to take control of their life, ministry, and destiny.  With wit, insight, revelation knowledge, wisdom, leadership authority, anointed energy and passion, Prophet Rivers will help prophets understand and do what is right with spiritual gifting and the prophetic call on their lives.


Furthermore, prophets will learn how to work with senior pastors, apostles, evangelists, and teachers, as well as political and social leaders to impact and improve the quality of life. Prophets will receive in-depth, hands-on training that bridges the gap between knowledge and application as well as invaluable insight into what separates novices in the prophetic from mature prophets.  Prophets will gain experience to live a remarkable life of power, healings, miracles and faith for answered prayers. Prophets will receive the confidence and training needed to sharpen and develop their prophetic gift.
Being a prophet requires discipline, and that is the training prophets will receive at The Leadership Summit for Prophets.


We are uniquely positioned to offer much more than basic and advance training.  We provide extensive mentorship, training materials from beginning to advance training in virtually every facet of life.  We provide a combination of live workshops, conferences, personal phone coaching and counseling in an atmosphere and facility to nurture, unlock and activate spiritual and dormant gifting.



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