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The Prophetic Ministry at The Voice of The Lord International has already touched the lives of thousands. The testimonial feedback continue to come in, and they resonate with the common theme of how the prophetic word has touched and made an impact in their lives, their families and their business; from national and international.



Our Prophetic Outpouring is one of the most powerful services at The Voice of the Lord International Ministries.



Are you looking to discover God's will for your life and find answers? Are there times when you feel unsure, insecure and unconfident with situations in life?



During Prophetic Outpouring, you will receive a personal prophecy for your life that's clear, accurate and understandable to rekindle your zeal and faith to guide and help you become the person that God has always intended you to be! Thousands have been changed by attending one these services.



A prophetic word can change your life completely; help you through your struggles, and help you discover direction, peace, and confidence like never before.



A prophetic word will provide you with a renewed insight into your destiny.



We all have an extraordinary call within us waiting to be released!

You might wonder why you are often struggling to live the life you feel you are born to live. Why are your dreams losing their power as the year's pass? Do you wonder if you have enough talent and skill to accomplish what you know will make a difference in the world?

Underneath all these obstacles is a truth: the most significant challenge people face in living their unique purpose and destiny in life is not a lack of talent or interest to do so; it's a lack of knowledge, insight, and direction!

It is our goal to make hearing and receiving a prophetic word from the Lord for your life, ministry, business and family accessible to as many of you as possible. Prophetic Outpouring is designed to make this experience possible for all who attend.



What would your life be like if you experienced a touch from God as you have never had before?



You may be one who struggles to activate your "calling" because you hang on to old, false beliefs about who you are and what your capabilities are. Maybe you just don't know how to move toward change or how to make something meaningful happen in your life. During our Prophetic Outpouring Service, you will experience significant and refreshing praise and worship, receive a direct message to you from the Word of GOD, and one-on-one prophetic ministry that is both clear and accurate!



By attending a Prophetic Outpouring service it will help you to obtain more joy, peace, and righteousness, and to enjoy an abundant life with less stress. Please Note: If you are considering attending we start service on time; please be on time for service, latecomers will not receive prophetic ministry, and will have to wait until next monthly meeting.

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