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Our Worship



We believe the Bible teaches us to be enthusiastic in our worship of our Lord. During worship we sing (Ex.15: 1), we clap (Ps.47: 1), we lift our hands (Ps.134: 2), we shout (Ps.47:1) we dance (Ps.149:2-3) and we sing in the language of the Holy Spirit (I Cor.14:15).



At The Voice of the Lord International Ministries



We want you to enjoy yourself in worship while celebrating the goodness of GOD, and intimate worship-expressing God's worth, power, ability, and loving kindness! It's OK to rejoice in the Lord along with us. Psalms 34:3 Oh magnify the LORD with me and let us exalt His name together.



You may also witness the moving of the Holy Spirit through Prophecy (I Cor.14:1,3), through healing and miracles (Ps.77:14) through the song of the Lord (Ps.33:3), through deliverance (Mk.16:17) and through other gifts of the Holy Spirit (I Cor.12:7-10)



Warfare in Worship



According to Psalms 8:1 and Is.30: 31-32, God ordained praise as a weapon of war to use to silence and destroy our enemy, Therefore, some of our songs are aggressive and militant in lifting up Jesus as the Mighty Man of War (Ex.15: 3)



Personal Prophecy



If you receive prophetic ministry, you can purchase a CD with your prophecy on it. We encourage you to: Prayerfully listen to your prophetic word, and submit it to the spiritual authority in your life. All Personal Prophecies Are Conditional Upon Your Obedience to the Written and Spoken Word of GOD.



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