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About Samuel Rivers, Jr. - President and Founder




Samuel Rivers, Jr. is a Prophet, Pastor, and public political figure with effective communication skills. A former member of the South Carolina House of Representatives, He is currently the Regional Leader for Christian International Apostolic Network – Mid East Region for South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia; the Chairman of the Charter Education Board of South Carolina – Limestone College and a Board Member of Charter Education Foundation of South Carolina – Erskine College—a political strategist, as well as a spiritual mentor. He is the founder and Senior leader of The Voice of the Lord International Ministries and Samuel Rivers International Services.



Bishop Bill Hamon of Christian International ordained Samuel Rivers, Jr. as an Apostle-Prophet. Rivers is a spiritual son of HIS ROYAL MAJESTY, KING ADAMTEY I (Dr. Kingsley Fletcher), a member of the Christian International Apostolic Network, and holds an Honorary Doctorate of Theology from Smith University. He is also a member of The U.S. Coalition of Apostolic Leaders.



As a State Legislator, he was rated the #1 Pro Jobs legislator by leading Business, Industry, Political, and Educational Committee legislators out of 170 legislators in the S.C. General Assembly. Samuel was inducted into The Citadel Military College of S.C. Wall of fame for my outstanding contribution to Educational Policy. Samuel was the leader in bringing The Medal of Honor Bowl to the State of S.C.



Samuel received several awards for his work in different areas, such as the 2018 Friend of the Government Accountability Award for His work on Welfare Reform and policies that empower Americans through work and reduce dependency and The Response: USA Champion of Faith Award. A recipient of the S.C. Chamber of Commerce's Business Advocate Award in 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2017.



Samuel Rivers worked closely with the Sheriff and Mayor to advance real action in making communities safer. As a State Legislator, he was the Assistant Majority Whip and a Member of the Judiciary Committee, Regulations and Administration Procedures Committee, Education and Public Works Committees, and The House Legislative Committee.



Samuel Rivers, Jr. teaches that everyone can live a remarkable life of healing, miracles, breakthroughs, and faith for answered prayers. His seminars, training, and powerful programs have touched thousands of individuals, from welfare recipients to corporate leaders. He helps believers and unbelievers continually maintain expanding knowledge to develop and discover their gifts and calling in life. He can motivate and enlighten an audience and give them information in a way they may fully comprehend.



Samuel is frequently called upon to provide training, keynote addresses, workshops, and seminars throughout the U.S. Samuel's unique perspective and delivery on prayer, the prophetic, empowerment, and personal and spiritual development is unparalleled. Being one of the most extraordinary speakers and equippers today, he activates believers to operate in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. He knows the essential importance of training and equipping. His mandate is to educate and empower individuals who will penetrate and demonstrate God's power and authority in all aspects of life, all systems of this world, branches of government, family, arts and entertainment, education, business, and the religious community.



Samuel has focused his entire agenda on helping believers gain greater clarity and the ability to overcome whatever obstacle is in their way, transcend self-limiting beliefs and cultural barriers with confidence and certainty to thrive in challenging times, and make a difference in the world. He gives wisdom and insight to help people excel in every area of their personal, ministry, and professional lives.



As Apostle-Prophet, Samuel flows in the gift of prophecy, providing hope and direction, revealing gifts, and calling with accuracy and integrity. Samuel believes that healing, miracles, prosperity, faith, and power are everyday results of living a Godly lifestyle. Samuel is proficient in assisting people in overcoming the fears, phobias, and emotional challenges that hinder them. He is an articulate, powerful, thought-provoking speaker, compelling people to expand and change the way they think and, as a result, enhance the quality of life in communities lost in religious redundancy and naturalistic thinking.



Samuel Rivers, Jr. is called to advance the saints in the dynamics of God and raise a company of people that will affect the world's nations. He is instrumental in helping other leaders birth new ministries. He's established the Institute for Prophets, Emerging Leaders Apostolic-Prophetic Academy, and Moving in the Gifts of the Holy Spirit Training; Healing Schools and Prayer Academies and has assembled Summit for Prophets, A Masterclass for Apostles and Prophets, and The International Coalition of Prophets—specializing in training and equipping emerging prophets with the influence, skills, and tools to stay relevant and effective.

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