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Live Tele-Seminar for Prophets



Providing World Class Education and Mentorship with Intelligence for Prophets



We are helping Prophets improve future longevity, accuracy, intelligence, and integrity in the prophetic with excellence! To join the TeleSeminar / Conference Call, you must email us at, for the phone number and access code.



Going Beyond Basic Training and Creating a Larger Vision for Prophets

Providing Prophets with a prophetic education and mentorship with wisdom, Integrity and proven biblical principles



There is one way to participate:

To join in by phone

Here’s your access information

Please email us at;

And request the Dial-in and PIN



You will experience a Live Telephone Seminar, Prophetic Ministry and the lines will be open for Q&A Session



These Live Telephone- Seminars are designed to support prophets in continued learning and development that will challenge and inspire prophets - while helping them improve their future and longevity and build an extraordinary prophetic ministry with excellence; the right kind of knowledge that will raise the level of success in the prophetic, in life and in Society. And become a presence in the world by becoming remarkable leaders aligned with Gods original purpose.



Whether you're a seasoned Prophet, an emerging Prophet this Live TeleSeminar gives Prophets more insight and knowledge.



The time is now! For Prophets to Emerge Global; Heal the Earth and Become a Presence in the World. Prophets can transform situations while inspiring others to fulfill their calling as well as social responsibility.



Challenging Prophets to Never Stop Learning; Unlock the Gifts, Release the Anointing, and Fulfill Destiny while Touching the Nations



If the "How" of moving to the next level as the Prophet has escaped you

Join The Live Tele Seminar / Conference Call for Prophets.



I'll show you concrete things to get you where you want to be as a prophet!



Transformational Teaching for Prophets Live TeleSeminar



Please note: We always begin our TeleSeminars promptly, so mark your calendar and be sure to call in a few minutes early, so you're not pre-empted by other TeleSeminar callers



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7316 A, Pepperdam Ave, North Charleston, SC 29418


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