Prophetic Surge

Do you want to Sharpen Your Prophetic Gift? Are you looking to walk in new levels of prophecy and increase your flow in prophetic, then prophetic surge and activation are for you! You will walk away from this two-hour training with a greater understanding of the hearing ears, the seeing eyes and the understanding heart, to God's voice with more clarity and confidence than ever before. We have trained and activated 1,000+ saints and leaders to use their spiritual gifts.

Moving in the Gifts of the

Holy Spirit Training Module

Are you tired of talking and reading about the Gifts of the Holy Spirit and not experiencing them for yourself? The Voice of the Lord International ministries has assembled this Training module to equip and train to touch the lives of others. This structured program of education is designed to assist believers to developed and enhance the way you operate in the gift of the Holy Spirit efficiently. This training gives you the leverage and high-impact tools to minister to everyone you meet with integrity, passion, depth, and intelligence.

Manifesting Miracles Training

Manifesting Miracle Training Module is armed with a line-up packed with Practical teaching and ministry, loaded with insights and revelation knowledge and with his leadership authority, anointed energy and passion, Samuel Rivers will teach you how to manifest Miracles. Prophet Rivers will encourage each one attending, that everyone has the opportunity to live a remarkable life of healing, miracles, breakthroughs and faith for answered prayers. God’s Spirit works to activate the Word that is within the believer –

Prophet Rivers will help that Word come alive!

The Prayer Academy

Our Prayer Academy will engage participants in a variety of exercises that will improve and enhance your effectiveness in prayer. The Prayer Academy will show you step-by-step how to immediately build a strong lifestyle of prayer.

Emerging Leaders Academy

Time TBD

Our Academy raises the standard of excellence in ministry. Students will receive the greatest benefit from their mentoring experience where questions are answered; concepts are clarified, principles reviewed and

gifts are exercised.

Healing School

There are 3 critical elements to Healing: "Knowing what God’s word says concerning healing, knowing what to do, and doing what you know." The Healing School Program ensures that you will have all three!  The objective of the course is for those committed to walking in divine health and ministering healing to others. Every student will increase their knowledge concerning living a life of healing miracles. The determining factor is how much you want to make a difference in the life of others.

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