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We’re an International Apostolic-Prophetic Network committed to principles of the kingdom of God operating here on earth. Our goal is to fully activate saints for ministry: Power-based ministries: Political Arena, Judiciary, and Commerce, Evangelizing the World with the Gospel of Christ in Word and Deed, in Demonstrating Christ’s Wisdom, Power, Dominion, and Faith working through believers.


We are committed to training, activating, and developing the people of God in their gifts and callings—releasing the Prophetic Voice of the Lord with accuracy and integrity. Our mission is to perfect and equip believers for supernatural ministry; build

outreach centers throughout the globe; plant ministries; train, raise up, mobilize, ordaining and release ministry teams, who will Effect Nations—transcending cultural and ethnic barriers; also to erect Embassies, Training Centers, Universities, Colleges,

Schools of the Arts and Dream Centers that will impact the lives and destinies of individuals, Government, local ministries, businesses; Religion, education, media, families, arts and entertainment and the Nations of this World for GOD.


The message of the kingdom of God is a Supernatural Gospel ministered by Supernatural Ministry: for the work of the ministry that He has called us to do, obliterating (utterly destroying) the works of the devil. Therefore, we are commissioned to produce Godly Character and we will Affect the nations of this world through Miracles, Signs, Wonders, Healing, Deliverance, total Prosperity and Faith according to the Power of God’s Word and Spirit that’s active and alive within us.


Voice of The Lord International Ministries 1268 Yeamans Hall Rd, North Charleston, SC 29410